After the events of the past two years, the pandemic and resulting impact on the way we live, work and use our homes it has never been more important to truly love where you love.

Your home is your sanctuary, where you are safest, happiest and free. These are the simple rules we apply to all our developments, we are proud to say our houses look stunning are functional and provide an oasis from the madness of the world.

Working with an incredible build team and in-house interior design studio we offer an unrivalled product, using only the best materials on the market, high end internal fixtures and appliances come as standard across our property portfolio.

We are unique in that we have an in house interior design studio who can work with clients to create truly bespoke homes*. Whether we are renovating stunning old barns, giving ugly buildings a new lease of life or building something from scratch, every house is unique.

As a small family run company we thrive on helping people feel at home surrounded by the things and the people they love. Nothing quite beats the feeling of watching a new home owner walk in for the first time, seeing them absorb their new place and then watching as they make it their own and grow. It is a beautiful thing, and we are privileged to play a small part in their story.

We make individual houses which stand the test of time, with thoughtful interiors and little luxuries, we sincerely hope our properties make lifetime homes for their owners.


*bespoke interiors offered on all properties purchased off plan