Now more than ever before we have come to appreciate our homes, where we are safe and spend the majority of our time. My husband and I used to joke that we were barely ever home, and the kids hardly played with their toys but the events of this year has changed all that.

Our home is the most important part of us, it is where we are safest, happiest and free. When we embarked on the development at Priory Farm Mews we didn’t expect that the community that we will have on our quiet little private cud de sac will become more important than ever.

The development at Priory Farm Mews is a collection of just six houses, the original Farm house which was restored and extended, Willow Tree Barn which was renovated (yes that is the orginal clock from St Pancras station adorning the side!) and four newly built homes which have been designed to compliment the original buildings on the site. Far from your average ‘new builds’ these houses are designed to replicate agricultural buildings, with large window openings and loft style conversions.

Our heart and soul has gone into developing these houses, along with an incredible build team we have created something we are extremely proud of. We make individual houses which stand the test of time, with thoughtful interiors and little luxuries we sincerely hope these houses make lifetime homes for their owners.

We are delighted to have the team at Smith and Partners in Southwell on board to market the properties more widely, but if you have any questions or just want to find out more about the local area or the houses specifically please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Stay safe,

Malvika and Bobby